The world is my PLAKground!

- A good listener.

- I usually spend time learning life lessons as I go along.

- I love to tweet and blog while dreaming about unattainable, unrealistic future pursuits.

- I enjoy watching people trip or fall. I laugh at people when they trip or fall. I curse, then laugh when I trip or fall.

- Wonders what life is in black and white.

- Interested in absent-minded dreamers, experienced liars, masters of deception, and slightly paranoid neurotics that are willing to share their schizoid delusions.

- Fascinated by shit I don’t usually see.

- Longs for those random periods of silence that isn’t awkward.

- I’ll never lie just so people will like me. (I'm not a politician and will never aim to be one)

- I’m very devoted and I have enough faith to keep me going through any adversity. (I think)

- A pain in the butt. (To people I don’t like)

- I’m usually quiet when I’m around people I don’t know very well. Not because I’m easily intimidated, but because I’m a fool and just doesn’t have much to utter. (Or anything I might say will just get me in trouble)

- I like to observe people and how they interact with each other.

- I express myself in my own words and I usually say things I’m not supposed to. I guess I’m somewhat blunt, but it’s always good to be honest.

- I had my 1st tattoo at the age of 15.

- I skipped clinical one day just to have my tongue pierced. Which got my professor really worried… it almost gave him a massive heart attack. (He actually died a month after that)

- I’m a bit anal about matters of the grammatical sort. It irks me when people still interchange YOUR and YOU’RE. Sorry, I’m just a loser like that.

- I can’t stand the whole “It’s all about what you drive, where you live, how much money you make, what brand of clothes you’re wearing” typical LA bullshit that I have to deal with on a daily basis. I like nice things like the person, but if you base your entire existence on that… you’re one sad individual.

- I have realized lately that there’s always going to be people that will try to bring you down and talk bad about you. That’s insecurity within them and it doesn’t really bother me anymore because no one can take my shine (HaHaHa). So hate me, or love me. I don’t have time for drama and negativity in my life right now. If that’s what you are all about… please keep it moving.

- I had my son when I was barely a child myself at 17. He’s 10 years old now and is the most adorable autistic little boy you’ll ever meet. (The closest to perfection I’ve ever laid eyes on)

- I’m married to my high school sweetheart. The sexiest man alive :))

- I LiKe To AnNoY PeOpLe AnD CaPiTaLiZe EvErY OtHeR LeTtEr. Sometimes, i also tlk n typ lik dz u kno. I ALSO LOVE TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS AND NOT USE ANY PUNCTUATIONS SO I CAN JUST GO ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON and wh3n !+ r3@ch3s +0 +h3 p0!n+ wh3r3!n ! +yp3 l!k3 +h!s, !+ 3v3n g3+s h@rd3r +0 r3@d. (I can be really annoying, but no, I'm not a jejemon. I just used that as an example. HaHaHa)

- I have several embarrassing fantasy crushes on male celebrities. Fortunately, only one of them is penetrating enough to contain my interest for very long. (I know I’m too old for crushes, but Papa P, you’re the bomb! Yeah, like tick-tock! *shudders*)

- The Philippines is where my heart is and Cebu will always be home to me. (Proud to be Pinoy, but much prouder to be Bisdak)

- I’ve always wanted to view the world from the eyes of another.

- My birthday falls on World Rabies Day. (So?)

- I’m the youngest in the family.

- I have always prided myself for my skill to piss certain people off in an instant, and I can also be very evil. (So, consider yourself warned!)

- I’m deathly afraid of raisins and I don‘t eat vegetables. (I live purely on meat, which means I‘m probably going to die young. HaHaHa)

- I'm addicted to Coke (The black stuff in a bottle, fool!)

- I like scary movies, the pop-out/make-you-wanna-scream kind of stuff. I enjoy being scared when I’m not burying my dirty little mind in porn. Kidding! No really, I am so kidding. (Oh okay, I watch a good bit of porn. HaHaHa)

- I was born with an innate rebellion and I think that’s my cross to bear.

- I have an incredibly good memory and I pay attention to details. Therefore, I could forgive, but will probably not forget.

- I love people who make me laugh.

- Not perfect, and will never claim to be.

- An enemy to attention-seeking parasites.

- A drama queen (with a blog).

- A bitch. (With feelings!)

My name is Yching. This is my blog and THE WORLD IS MY PLAKGROUND!

I bite :))

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog. I say what I want and simply relay my own thoughts and experiences to share here. MY BLOG IS MY OPINION and it is not intended to malign, nor defame any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual, especially those with the ability and desire to fight back. The contents of this blog are my personal views, which implies that I am responsible for them, not my employer, volunteer group, membership organization, church affiliation, or other agencies that I might be seen to represent. However, I will not be held responsible, nor will be held liable, for my readers’ comments in my blog, nor the laws which they may break in my country or theirs through their comments’ content, implication, and intent. This blog does not accept any form of advertising, sponsorship, or paid insertions, and is not generated to make money or paid for blogging content. I reserve the right not to receive compensation in any way from this blog. In addition, this blog is always in transition. Content, sources, information and links change over time, so any information I publish today might not be valid or accurate two weeks or two years from now. I also do not claim ownership of any post (photos, text, audio, video, etc) unless otherwise stated. In a nutshell: The fact that I’m annoying, troublesome, unpleasant, thoughtless, and blunt, are not legal grounds to sue me. Furthermore, I don’t have any money, so the most that you will get from me is a stubborn look in court.

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I Salute You Kris Aquino, For Never Shutting The Fuck Up


Kris Aquino has a lot of shit floating around her life, mostly coming from her own stupid mouth. But amidst all the publicly-open relationship dramas she’s had, amidst all the shit she’s done recently, and amidst her brother actually being the President of the damn country. Kris Aquino…

Oh, Kris.

Eulogy on Vimeo

When you’re mourning over the death of a loved one, the last thing that you would want to do is to write and deliver a speech. This was, by far, the hardest task I’ve ever been asked to do in my life. With only a few hours left before Lolo Paul’s final service, I finally had the courage to start composing. It took even greater courage to stand and speak before a church filled with so many people. The outpouring response I received after I delivered my speech was more than enough to tell me that with what I have said, I was able to honor Lolo Paul’s memory and have kept him in the hearts and minds of every person at his funeral. For everyone who told me that I did a great job, THANK YOU. Those were the words of a granddaughter who deeply loved, missed and will forever miss her grandfather.

Salamat sa imong pagpangga, TATAY PAUL on Vimeo

A tribute

Tatay Paul on Vimeo

(Source: amyy23)

“Candy cabbie” Mansoor Khalid gives passengers as much candy as they want.

Now that’s one sweet ride.

Taxi driver Mansoor Khalid is on a one-man mission to cheer up New Yorkers with a daily dose of candy.

“The New York life is not the easy life,” Khalid, 36, told the Daily News. “People are depressed. I see a lot of people stressed sitting back there.”

Khalid is no stranger to stress. He dubbed his taxi the NYC Candy Cab after his 2-year-old son died in April from a long battle with heart disease.

“I learned a lot of things,” he said of the trauma of losing his child, who underwent two heart transplants and lost a kidney before he passed away. “Life is too short.”

Khalid, who moved to New York from Pakistan in 1993 and has been driving a cab since 1997, had already seen the impact of small acts of generosity. During the two years he spent in the hospital with his son, he routinely brought coffee and desserts to the doctors and nurses when he got off his shift at 1 a.m.

“They got so happy when in the middle of the night I gave every person coffee,” he said. “I was so nice to them and they were so nice to me.”

After his son died, Khalid decided to bring his routine to the people he interacted with every day in his cab.

Khalid said he was inspired to do something sweet after the death of his 2-year-old son.

“I was very depressed, losing my little boy,” he said. “Somehow, God gave me this idea. Now (I’m) chit-chatting and time is flying by!”

Though he doesn’t eat much candy himself — “Skittles, only” — Khalid offers a wide variety of sweets, and has started cataloguing his collection on Instagram. Fans can also follow him on Twitter (@CandyCabNYC), and he may even start a blog for his growing following.

One such fan was thrilled to discover the cab on a late night out last weekend, and quickly spread the word about him through social media.

“We all started freaking out,” said David Weiner, 27. “You don’t see piles of candy like that in adulthood. It’s just one of those things that reminds you you’re in New York and anything can happen.”

And Khalid’s unusual project has the full support of the city.

“We encourage drivers to go the extra mile in the name of customer service, and Mr. Khalid certainly does this,” said Taxi and Limousine Commission boss David Yassky. “We appreciate the loyalty he inspires in his passengers.”

Loyalty isn’t the goal, considering that Khalid responds to every hail, candy or no candy. His mission is to spread warmth.

“It’s a little thing,” he said, “but people get happy.”

(Source: club-bondi)

Nilat-an baboy with zesty hipon on the side :) 

This has always been a treat on my plate. Back to my childhood years in the Philippines, I remember this being served every Sunday in our home—usually for lunch. A nostalgic sense of taste is always delightful. What’s on your plate?

Nilat-an baboy with zesty hipon on the side :)

This has always been a treat on my plate. Back to my childhood years in the Philippines, I remember this being served every Sunday in our home—usually for lunch. A nostalgic sense of taste is always delightful. What’s on your plate?

Blogging (again).


(Source: codiannthomsen)

A nice thought to ponder on: BE CONFIDENT. Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we are not. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is only when you accept everything you are—and aren’t—that you will truly succeed.

Joey and I chose to get married on Valentine’s Day because we’ve always wanted a wedding date that would remind us each time that no matter where life takes us, our story will always read of LOVE. 8 years ago today, we both chose love. Happy Anniversary & Happy Valentine’s Day, my sexy lover! :)

Joey and I chose to get married on Valentine’s Day because we’ve always wanted a wedding date that would remind us each time that no matter where life takes us, our story will always read of LOVE. 8 years ago today, we both chose love. Happy Anniversary & Happy Valentine’s Day, my sexy lover! :)

Ahcee Flores <—- IGNORAMUS!

I don’t understand how someone could gather so much senseless courage, and extravagantly take pride out of mocking people who are in the frontier of a natural catastrophe… especially when you live in the very same planet that they do.


If there is one thing that I could be proud of, it is the fact that I have always stood up for my family, even to the point of exposing myself as a magnet for criticisms brought on by defending them. I find it so sad how some people don’t even value their own. I will never understand why it is so easy for someone to just trash that all away.

You may have overlooked this thought, but you are very lucky to have people that you can call family. A lot of people have no one. You can find love in the most random person you may meet in any corner of the world, but you can never find in them the ‘unconditional love’ that only your family can provide.

It is for this same reason why I love who I love until this very day. He loves my family as much as he does his own. I have tested that time and time again. And with this, I have learned that you can’t just define how a person will love you based on how he is with you, but with how he is towards his family and yours.

You are probably too young and too jaded for love to fully understand this now, but I know someday you will. And when that ‘someday’ comes, I hope it is never too late… ‘cause it always is.

Awww… how cute is that! A groom’s surprise ‘Justin Bieber’ performance for his bride :)